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Shenzhen Taipu Technology Co., Ltd

Year Established: 2015 Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRC

Shenzhen Taipu Technology Co., Ltd has been manufacturing Automatic Machine, Battery Machine, Battery Factory Planning and Battery Technology Consultation ever since the company was established in 2015. Our company offers a wide variety of goods that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. 13 nations throughout the world, including those in USA, France, India, Brazil, Canada, etc, buy our products. As a token of our thanks, we are investing heavily in our employees' professional development, shoring up the foundations of our operations, and pushing the boundaries of scientific management. However, we will keep developing new, superior products. Our company has flourished over the years thanks to its many years of production experience, exquisite technology, stringent quality system, competent sales staff, affordable prices, and on-time deliveries.

Jiangsu Goldenbright Group Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2004 Staff: 46 Location: Yangzhou, Jiangsu

Yuyihua Set in the charming historic city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Goldenbright Group Co., Ltd. is a contemporary business that combines outdoor lighting equipment design, manufacturing, processing, after-sale support, and installation. We specialize in manufacturing lamp posts, solar street lights, LED road lights, and garden lights, having invested tens of millions of yuan and occupying 33,690.5 square meters. Our dedication lies in offering our clients creative and superior lighting solutions that cater to various venue requirements.All-Over Strength: Our organization constantly aspires to progress, focusing on innovation and market demands while utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing technology, processing methods, and business concepts from both domestic and international competitors. We actively participate in the building of urban roadways, residential lights, and illumination projects both domestically and globally thanks to our strong financial resources, full production capacity, highly skilled people, and great product quality. We have added massive bending machines, CNC injection molding machines, die-casting machines, and powder electrostatic spraying assembly lines to our production equipment, all of which have testing agency certificates and guarantee strong product quality. We have acquired international certification for our quality system, ISO9001, national obligatory 3C certification, and CE certification in succession. Following our founding in 1987, we have received numerous accolades, including "Trustworthy Product in Yangzhou City," "3A-Grade High-Quality Construction Enterprise," and "Contract-Abiding and Credit-Respecting Enterprise."Convenient Transportation: Our company benefits from convenient transportation, which offers a speedier and more efficient logistics environment for the development of the lighting sector. We are located inside the Yangtze River Delta, which is a transportation center.Developmental Theory: The following is our development philosophy: "Excellent service is the focus, quality is paramount, management creates value, and service enhances advantages." Our company's unwavering goals are unity, creativity, pragmatism, and advancement. We value every accolade and uphold the company motto, "Quality first, customer foremost, thriving through quality, and winning with excellence," as well as our commitment to consistently making exceptional contributions to society and partnering with a range of societal sectors to achieve mutual success.

Main Products & Services:
Solar Street Light
LED Street Light
Lighting Pole
Solar Energy System
Garden Light

Fibos Measurement Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu

A specialty technology business, CHANGZHOU SENSOR ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. is concentrated on load cell production, sales, measurement solutions, and tech support. We have a team of experts who provide a variety of sales services to clients worldwide. We have a long history of research in load cells and automated control systems.We offer a wide range of products, including miniature force sensors, torque sensors, load cell/weighing sensors, multi-axis and six-axis force sensors, weighing modules, and custom force sensors. The project of matching pressure and weight automatic control systems is another one we took on.The company has been importing cutting edge manufacturing technology and production equipment from both domestic and foreign sources. Create new technologies and enhance existing product designs...Your goal is to create the best automatic control system and load cell in the world.Well-known businesses from Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Europe have collaborated successfully with our organization.In this industry, we possess innovative and forward-thinking expertise.Our constant goal is to keep up long-term cooperation in order to gain the respect of our clientele. We aim to expand in line with all of our competitors who have extensive knowledge, cutting-edge technology, high-quality goods, affordable costs, and committed services.

Main Products & Services:
Tensile-compressive Force Sensor
Weighing Sensors
Torque Sensors
Multi-axis Force ...

Yixing Silvanus Electric Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2007 Staff: 37 Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu

Established by a group of enthusiastic young technicians on April 11, 2007, Silvanus Electric Manufacture(Yixing) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with a focus on producing high-precision load cells and weighing systems. Our expertise lies in conducting scientific research, producing and marketing high-precision loadcells, intelligent electronic scales, hoisting limiters, computer weighing systems, and other related products. We have strong R&D capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment for fabrication, inspection, and testing. The company's annual sales are approximately 45 million Yuan, with registered capital of 15 million Yuan, current fixed assets of 10 million Yuan, and liquidity of 6 million Yuan. featuring tens of thousands of square meters and several highly skilled engineers. Because of our steadfast efforts and high-quality products, we have a great reputation in the electronic weighing sector.Since our founding, we have worked to achieve international standards. We have created our own products, such as high temperature sensors, extremely low temperature sensors, stainless steel sensors, explosion-proof sensors, hoisting limiters, dynamic and static railroad scales, truck scales, belt scales, hopper scales, packing scales, ladle scales, crane scales, and weighing monitor systems, based on our knowledge of cutting-edge weighing technology. With their improved automatic data technology and cutting-edge technology, all of these products can save labor.Our goal is to create the best loadcells and we firmly believe in the "customer oriented" concept. We build our own highly technical producing, inspecting, and testing equipment and learn from others to control and manage the quality of our products. Following the OIML and IS09001: 2000 to the letter, we uphold the following business tenet: "First-class enterprises attract first-class personnel, who in turn produce first-class products that are supplied to first-class clients. We continuously improve in accordance with the quality policy, which calls for "continuous quality controlling and management system, supply customers with high-quality products in a timely manner."We are committed to continuously bettering ourselves and leading our business into new frontiers.

Main Products & Services:
Load Cell
Weighing Scales
Weighing Indicators
Weighing Accessories

Suzhou SUNLINK Energy Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2020 Staff: 185 Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu

High-tech company (LN Energy) combines research and development, production, and sales of solar cells and modules. It is based in China's Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone. With a sales turnover of 3 billion RMB by 2022, LN Energy can currently produce 2GW of cells and 3GW of high-efficiency modules. Luneng Energy has passed the international quality management system certification and its products have been certified by numerous reputable organizations including CQC, TUV, CE, etc. The company has a senior operation team, industry-leading manufacturing equipment, and sophisticated production management concepts. Customers may rely on Luneng Energy for high-quality, reasonably priced, and safe products. Luneng Energy has developed a strong marketing network and maintains strategic partnerships over an extended period of time with both domestic and international clients who possess channels, strength, and brand awareness. In addition to being sold in China, Luneng Energy also exports its products to Southeast Asia, the Americas, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and other developing photovoltaic markets. In addition to being successful in sales, Luneng Energy also has a highly skilled and capable technical support staff that works tirelessly to ensure that clients are worry-free while using our products. To ensure that our customers may utilize our goods worry-free, Luneng Energy also employs a staff of skilled and dedicated technical support personnel.

Main Products & Services:
Solar Cells
Solar Module.


Year Established: 2020 Staff: 2-10

Cell therapies are revolutionizing the treatment of disease and are poised to transform health outcomes. Advances in biology and technology have enabled the development of innovation in a more distributed way than ever before: there is a wave of novel therapeutics in academic centers and biotechs around the world looking for partners to advance their inventions. That’s where we come in. Our approach is to bring clinical stage therapies through late stage development and commercialization by partnering with innovators at academic medical centers and small biotechs around the world.Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the company is backed by seed investment from National Resilience, Inc., Hibiscus BioVentures, and Jumpstart Nova, as well as several high-net-worth individuals.

SunLipo Energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2017 Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

The industry leader in Lithium Ion, Lithium Ion, High Rate Discharge, FPV, Solid State Drone, Battery Packs, and LiFePO4 Storage battery manufacturing is Sunlipo Energy Shenzhen CO Ltd.10, 000+ square meters are covered by 12 production lines, over 800 workers, including 3 professors and over 30 research engineers. Each day, we generate 50,000 batteries. Our certifications include ISO9001: 2015, BIS, CB, CE, KC, UN38.3, MSDS, and CB.Small orders are welcomed. No Big Business, No Small Order, is our motto. Even though your firm is only getting started, we would like to develop alongside you. Our goal is always to be our clients' enduring growth partners.Sunlipo has made significant investments in both global and local institutions as well as scientific research organizations in an effort to address challenges related to battery technology. A range of innovations have been awarded national and international patents, and the performance of the batteries that SunLipo independently studied and developed has reached and exceeded international requirements.

Main Products & Services:
Fpv Drone Batteries
Solid State Uav Batteries
Lipo Batteries for Drones
Molicel Battery ...

Shenzhen Resky Electronics Co., Ltd.

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Shenzhen Resky Electronics Co., Ltd. is a business that specializes in the production, marketing, and sales of lithium batteries that can be recharged and associated battery packs.In portable mobile gadgets including Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, PDAs, digital camcorders, mining lamps, medical devices, GPS, RC models, and electric vehicles like electric bikes, electric scooters, and solar energy storage systems, our lithium battery cells and packs are widely utilized.Vision: To be a world-class, Chinese-inspired, cutting-edge technology company that dominates the global green energy market. With its state-of-the-art production workshop, sophisticated manufacturing tools, accurate testing equipment, automated lithium battery system, and computerized monitoring and intelligent aging equipment, it unites the best product development and management team in the business. To guarantee that consumers receive high-quality lithium battery products, all products use leading battery suppliers both domestically and internationally. Products are manufactured meticulously in compliance with ISO9001: 2008 quality management system operation criteria.Mission: To become a leading supplier of safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly power solutions. Our world-class lithium electric OEM/ODM enterprise is our goal, and we apply science and technology to create low-carbon and environmentally friendly lives. Our experienced R&D team is focused on the most recent advancements and applications in every field of lithium-ion batteries. We have a committed and professional spirit of enterprise continuously for customers.

Main Products & Services:
Ebike Battery
Li-ion Battery
RC Lipo Battery
Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Chargers

Shenzhen Enbar Technology Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2010 Staff: 34 Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

As a high-tech company focused on the creation and production of lithium primary batteries, Shenzhen Enbar Technology Co., Ltd. is involved in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of various battery types, including high-temperature lithium-thionyl chloride cylindrical batteries, lithium-sulfur dioxide batteries, lithium-thionyl chloride cylindrical batteries, rectangular lithium-manganese dioxide batteries, and battery PACKS. A total of eight completely automated production lines handle their processing, producing thirty thousand pieces every day. Our products are used in many different types of active radio frequency identification (RFID) and smart cards, including identification cards, bank cards, subway cards, access control cards, hotel smart room cards, health cards, social security cards, medical cards, highway cards, and non-stop toll collection systems. They are also ideally suited for intelligent parking lots, container identification, vehicle fee inspection, identification of mine personnel, automatic railway number identification management, vehicle road traffic interruption charging management, passenger aviation luggage automatic identification sorting and transfer management, vehicle access control card, campus card, meal card, travel card, membership card, driver's license card, animal electronic label, equipment electronic label, goods electronic label, etc. The main areas of application are smart IC card meters, RFID labels, GPS units, industrial instrumentation, communication devices, medical equipment, anti-theft and detection alarm systems, and photography equipment. We now hold a core competitive advantage in the areas of innovation management, product performance, and other areas, and we are among the top producers of primary lithium batteries in China under our own brand, SZENBAR. COM, for both lithium thionyl chloride and lithium manganese batteries.Based on the ISO 9001 international quality management system standard, the products have passed SIO9001 CE, RoHS, UN38.3 MSDS, and other relevant certification criteria.

Main Products & Services:
Primary Battery
Lisocl2 Battery
Limno2 Battery
Ultra Thin Cell Battery
High ...

Taixing Shengya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2017 Staff: 9 Location: Taizhou, Jiangsu

Located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, Taixing Shengya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as "Shengya Electronics") was founded in 2017. This manufacturer specializes in producing solid-state lithium-ion soft pack cells and battery packs that have a long cycle life (800–1000 cycles of charge and discharge), high safety, and a high energy density (270 wh/kg). The primary products are 16Ah, 22Ah, 27Ah, and 30Ah cells. There is a wide range of battery pack combinations, typically 6S, 7S, 12S, 13S, and 14S, among others. At present, the company employs 36 people and generates around 50 million yuan in sales revenue annually.Our company can make UAV batteries that will greatly increase the lifespan of your products and win you a lot of devoted clients in the robotics, UAV, and unmanned aerial vehicle industries. Additionally, our company can personalize the plug model, outlet position, combination method, logo, and other details. based on the various needs that the clients may have. Choose us if you're worried about the life of your battery because the company plans to introduce a greater energy density battery (320 wh/kg) in September 2023.With high-quality products, a positive reputation, and high-quality service, the company has always upheld the principle of "quality first, customer first, high-quality service, abide by the contract." As a result, the products are well-selling in almost 30 Chinese provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions and are exported to South Africa, Europe, India, and other nations. Collaborate fully and win-win with both domestic and international traders to foster growth and brilliance!

Main Products & Services:
Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery
Terminal Block

Solido Group

Staff: 51-200

With associate and subsidiary businesses across all nations, Solido Group is a global financial organization active in the industrial, trading, and real estate sectors.

SOLID. - Génie Structural

Staff: 2-10

SOLID is a cutting-edge structural engineer whose skill and proactive teamwork are acknowledged and valued for contributing to the success of the projects on which they work. Our clients entrust us with their structural engineering needs in the context of projects in the residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. The goal of our mission is to provide our clients with easy, effective solutions to their most difficult challenges. Our team aims to create structures that address architectural, environmental, and social needs through the use of innovative approaches and technical expertise. Collectively, we can build a better world.