Company Profile

Brand Name Oriental
Location Shenzhen, Guangdong,China
Year Founded 2015
Product industries electronics
Main Products / Services Custom Glass LCD Display,Character Display,Graphic Display,COG Display,TFT Display,OLED Display.
Relevant Industries Custom Glass LCD Display, OLED Display, Character Display and TFT Display
No. of Export Country 20
Exporting To United Kingdom, , Brazil, Switzerland, Bulgaria, etc

Oriental Products

OLED Display
TFT Display
COG Display
Graphic Display
Character Display
Custom Glass LCD Display

About Oriental

What does Oriental do?
Oriental Electronic Technology (International) Co., Limited, a high-tech professional supplier, focusing on the development and manufacturing of electronics products, was founded in 2015. Oriental has worked hard over the years to offer their clients excellent-quality and great-performance products and solutions by integrating demand analysis, product design, manufacturing, marketing, and service. About 20 distinct nations and regions, including United Kingdom, , Brazil, Switzerland, Bulgaria, etc, are big markets for all of our products. Oriental is quite proud of its manufacture. We hope to have the chance to demonstrate our expertise to you. We are always excited to welcome you to our organization and help you in any way we can, thanks to our kind and knowledgeable service staff. In order to expand our market in the coming years, we will focus on developing great and innovative products. We will also strengthen our internal technical strength, adopt advanced manufacturing technology, and improve product quality in order to strengthen our market competitiveness and meet the diverse demands of customers worldwide.